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Hanocotech.com Courses

Get the Skills for a Rewarding Career in Data Administration in as Little as 6 Months.

A Database Administrator is responsible for the performance, integrity and security of a database. They’re also involved in the planning and development of the database as well as troubleshooting any issues on behalf of the users.

If you think you have what it takes to thrive in this field, check out some of the programs Hanocotech has to offer:

Get the skills to run an efficient and modern data center with expertise in identity management, system management, virtualization, storage and networking. 

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Learn Oracle inside and out and open the door for new possibilities as a Database Administrator with the industry-specific knowledge it takes to succeed. 

Subsidized Training Available for Businesses in Priority Industries
Today’s high-tech, global, and increasingly competitive economy requires California workers and employers to have the most advanced skills and tools available to succeed. That is why effective job training is more essential today than ever before. Customized Training Designed to Meet Your Business Needs.

Custom Training Plan

Needs Assessment
Our Professional Service Team works with you to assess your organization’s objectives and design learning solutions that will meet your needs. By matching your learning to your goals, we can ensure seamless integration, minimize downtime, and give you the highest return on your training investment.

On-Site Training
Here at HANOCOTECH we understand the value of training your staff. We also understand how hard it can be physically transporting your staff to a training facility. That’s why we’re willing to come to you! Contact us today and find out how to set up an on-site training course for your staff.
Specialized courses

In an age of advanced technology, many companies use specialized software. The problem is there are few IT professionals with the ability to review, understand, and implement a curriculum for any type of software. HANOCOTECH can, and we will be more than happy to learn your company’s specialized software and create a training program for your staff.

Group Discounts
The more you buy, the better the deal. That’s a given. At HANOTECH we believe in upholding good business practices, such as providing companies with discounts for training groups of employees. Call us today and find out what kind of discounts we can offer your company!

Required Classes

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Access

Typing/10 Key Pad