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Career Development 
Career development education is handled by our school counselor. The counselor meets with new students and discusses their career plans. For example, a new student wanted to enroll in web development, but upon further discussion decided networking was a better choice. The counselor is able to obtain student information and feedback by listening, evaluating previous work experience, having faculty provide skills assessment, and asking questions. In addition students may obtain the assistance of the counselor, instructor, Director of Student Affairs, Director of Education and the Chief of Operations in writing a resume when they approach graduation or upon completion.

Payment Plans
In the budget area, the admissions representative and the Director of Student Affairs explain payment plans and attempt to determine a student’s financial budget and risk tolerance. Payment plans are set up for students requiring financial assistance to allow the student to attend the school and at the same time ensure the education payments are not an excessive drain on their living expenses. The Director of Student Affairs and Chief of Operations work with the student to make payments for their program without any interest or loan charges.

Student Retention – Your Satisfaction & Success is Our Top Priority
Student retention is a strong area for Hanocotech. Instructors fill out daily class attendance sheets and turn them into the director of education. The Student Registrar monitors class attendance. If a student misses a class without an excuse, the student is contacted by the instructor or the registrar. 

If the registrar is unable to resolve the issue or contact the student the matter is turned over to the school counselor who attempts to contact the student. The counselor’s goal is to help the student resolve issues, which may prevent class attendance. The counselor may telephone the student, schedule a face-to face meeting, include the Director of Student Affairs, Director of Education, or in extreme cases involve the School’s director. The counselor may modify a student’s schedule to help the student cope with life’s stresses. 

The counselor may determine the student has a disability. If the student needs accommodations to continue, the counselor will work with the student. The counselor may contact state vocational services, obtain the necessary accommodation if possible, or adjust training hours or class room conditions as applicable.

Tutoring – Get the Extra Help You Need to Get Ahead
Some students may request additional time with the instructor to clarify certain areas of difficulty in their training. Hanocotech allows such meetings with the student at no extra cost to the student.

In some cases if the instructor is unavailable the Director of Education or the School Director may work with the student to assist them in their area of difficulty. Some students are offered in-house internship by the school for additional practice. The School Director, The Chief Operating Officer and /or the Director of Education supervise such voluntary internships. Some students may require re-attending portions of classes after graduation for better understanding. Hanocotech offers students the opportunity to retake or attend these classes within 6 months after completing their program at no extra cost. However, such requests are subject to approval by the School Director. Tutoring is offered to students by faculty, advanced students, or by using online tutorials.

Job Placement Assistance
HANOCOTECH Job Development Coordinators work constantly to maintain strong ties with industry within the community and maximize student job opportunity.

•Contact Companies
•Attends job fairs
•Assist students in resume writing
•Conduct mock interviews for the students
As an HANOCOTECH graduate you’ll feel fully supported by your Job Placement Assistance team throughout any job search efforts.